Is It Christmas Yet?!?!?

Welcome to my blog!!  I am so excited about getting this thing started.   I have loved Christmas ever since I can remember!   I love the sights, the sounds, the food, the smells, the cheesy movies—everything!  When I realized that I have so many ideas to make Christmas special and memorable, I knew that I could not keep it to myself!  I just HAD to share it with you.

Think of this blog as a “virtual” Advent calendar.   I have crafts for you to do alone or with your children, recipes that will make your mouth water and activities that your family will enjoy doing together.

I also have a vast knowledge of Christmas movies!  At the beginning of November every year, I start compiling my spreadsheets of Christmas movies.  I visit the websites of all the major TV/cable stations to see if they have put out their Christmas movie schedules.  Once I have all that information, I make a spreadsheet with all the dates and times they are showing.  After that, I make a master calendar that lists what movies are on what days!!   This is sheer craziness considering I own almost every Christmas movie ever made!!  I could just put on one movie a night and hopefully make it through my library of Christmas movies by December 25th, but there is one problem—every year, new movies are made!  So, I just go through the madness and make the spreadsheet.  I will be sharing this vast knowledge with you!!

What am I going to do with this blog after Christmas, you ask?  Well, there are other holidays throughout the year, aren’t there?!?!  I plan to help you make ALL your holidays memorable!  So, sit back, make yourself comfy and tune in every day to see what wonderful things I have in store for you!!

On deck for tomorrow:  This weekend is a kick-off of Christmas movies on some of the cable stations.  I will give you a run down of what’s on, when it’s on and give you my recommendations.  We will also start getting prepared for crafting and baking!

Let’s do this!!

That's me at about age 2 (almost 3) in front of my grandparent's Christmas tree....most of my Christmas memories revolve around my grandparent's house!

What is your favorite holiday?


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