Let’s Get Ready for Christmas!

Hi, all!!  Thank you to all of my new followers!  I’m so excited to have you all join me.  I hope I can live up to the hype- 🙂 .

First of all, let me say this….even though I love everything about Christmas, the main reason to celebrate is the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  Without Him, we would have no reason to celebrate!  The greatest gift EVER given was from God.  As you go through the days leading up to Christmas, take time to remember what it’s all about.  Back in the 80’s the big quote was “Jesus is the Reason for the Season”.  Let’s keep that in mind as we go through the next 6 and a half weeks (Yes, 6 1/2 weeks until Christmas–eeck!).  If the stress of the season starts to get to you, stop what you are doing, take 10 minutes to relax and meditate on the birth of Christ.

Books to Read

I highly recommend reading a Christmas book or two during the season so that you have something you can do to just relax and unwind.  One book I try to read every Christmas is the book “Two From Galilee” (found here).  It’s the beautiful love story of Mary and Joseph.   It’s always incredible to me to see the faith and trust that Mary and Joseph had when they found out they were going to be the parents of the Messiah!  Can you imagine?!  I can’t.  That’s why I need to be reminded every year….

Movies Worth Watching

With all that being said….this weekend is kind of the “kick-off”, if you will, of the holiday movie season on the Hallmark Channel.  I’m a big advocate for waiting until the dishes are done on until the day after Thanksgiving day, but as I was thinking about it today, I realized that sometimes the month of December is so busy with parties and activities, that we don’t have time to sit down and watch Christmas movies.  So, being able to watch some during November is perfect for those of you that are busy during the month of December!

This weekend begins the Countdown to Christmas on the Hallmark Channel.  Christmas movies will begin at 6am EST (4am MST!!) and run all day Saturday and all day Sunday!  There will be two premieres: Lucky Christmas at 8pm EST/6pm MST on Saturday night, and then Cancel Christmas at 8pm EST/6pm MST on Sunday evening.  Both will re-play immediately following their debuts on the same evenings.  Since they are new, I haven’t had time to review them so we’ll be seeing them for the first time together!  I’m not a big fan of Elizabeth Berkley or Judd Nelson, but maybe the years have mellowed them out a bit!

Other Saturday recommendations are The Christmas Card at 4pm EST/2pm MST and November Christmas immediately following at 6pm EST/4pm MST.  The Christmas Card is a lovely little love story, and November Christmas is sure to bring those big Hallmark tears!   The Santa Clause (one of my favorite, fun Christmas movies) starring Tim Allen will be airing on Sunday at 6pm EST/4pm MST.  All 3 of these movies are great movies to watch! 

Things to Do

While this is not one of the “fun” activities I have prepared for you, it’s an important one!  Right now, grocery stores are starting to put things on sale that will be needed throughout the holidays.  It is a great time to start stocking up on all those necessities without breaking the bank!  If you go to the grocery store once a week, add just 2 or 3 items to the cart that you will be needing in the next 6 weeks or so.  A lot of the recipes I’ll be sharing require flour, sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, etc….add a bag of this or that every time you go to the store and then it’s not such a huge cost at one time.  I was a Girl Scout, so I believe in “being prepared”.

Now is also a great time to stock up on crafting supplies.  Michaels, Hobby Lobby and places like that are already reducing their items to 50% off.  A few of the items you will need for some of the crafts we will be doing are glue guns/glue sticks, spray paint, glitter, regular glue, Christmas fabric, scissors (I’m amazed at the people that don’t have a good pair of scissors!!  These are my favorites!  Get some–today!)  Oh, and start saving up the empty cardboard toilet paper and paper towel rolls—you’re gonna need them!!  I will try to put together a list of things you will need to make all the fun Christmas crafts I have in store for you!

Well, that’s all I have for today!  Thank you so much for the visit… I would love to have your thoughts, ideas, comments, etc….  And please….share your answer for the question of the day!!

Question of the Day

What is your favorite Christmas movie of all time?


2 comments on “Let’s Get Ready for Christmas!

  1. I don’t know if I can narrow it down to just one, but I LOVE a Made-for-TV movie called “Three Days”. Kristen Davis (of Sex & The City) and Reed Diamond are the stars, It’s about a man whose wife is killed on Christmas Eve…an angel give him the 3 days before she was killed to live over again. He has to give her the greatest gift of all, knowing that she will still die on Christmas Eve… I know it sounds sad, but it’s a really great movie!!!

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