Holiday Decorating…

Have you been enjoying the first weekend of Christmas movies?  I have watched a few here and there (November Christmas was SO good!!), but didn’t plant myself in front of the TV like I had planned.  Oh, well…plenty of time to watch Christmas movies in the next 6 weeks!

Let’s move on to Christmas decorating!  Most of you will probably begin decorating for Christmas in the next week or so.  The tradition at our house has been to decorate the whole weekend of Thanksgiving (mostly because I have the weekend off, and it takes me ALL weekend to decorate my house!).  Usually, we spend Thanksgiving day with my extended family, but this year my daughters and I will just be staying home and sharing the day together.  This also means that I can start a little decorating on Thursday!!

Tips For Holiday Decorating

My best tip for holiday decorating are Command Products.  I swear by these babies!!  I use them for everything, and by everything, I mean EVERYTHING!!  I hang all my pictures using them, I use them to hang up bathrobes on the back of bathroom doors, I use them to hang towels in the bathroom….if you need to hang something,  Command Products are the key.

For holiday decorating, I use these hooks to hang wreaths on my doors.  You can put them on any door surface and they will not damage the finish.  Because of their size, you can’t even see them!   I have always wanted to hang little mini wreaths on my kitchen cabinet doors but didn’t want them to just hang there with a hook…I always liked the look of a ribbon holding the wreath.  I came across this blog that shows how to do just that.  This lady put a hook upside down on the inside of the cabinet and tied the ribbon to the hook!!  Brilliant!!!

I use these to attach pine branches on my fireplace mantel and any doorways.  I just put the branches inside the little hook and use as many as I need to get it to stay.  What’s nice about these is that you can use as many as you want to get every branch to be where you want it!  I also use them to hang strips of white lights around windows and  doorways. Use these to hang garland on your stairway, too

You can also use the fancier hooks to hold stockings wherever you hang them….whether that be over the fireplace or on a wall.  I use these hooks all the time around my fireplace and have yet to have one release due to the heat.  You can use the poster “hooks” to hang Christmas cards on a wall, a door or anywhere else you want to hang them.

At the end of the holiday season, you just release the hooks per the instructions on the package.  Like I said, I have used these hooks for a variety of things and have never had it damage a surface.  Get some!!  It will revolutionize your decorating!

Christmas Craft

I know you have been waiting to get started on crafting, so here is our first craft!  I chose a wreath because you will be decorating soon.  I LOVE wreaths!  I make them for every door.  I think they are the easiest, least expensive decoration that will give you the biggest bang for your buck!  You can purchase the fake pine wreaths at any local craft store, and most are usually 50% from now until Christmas!  Sometimes, I will go to Hobby Lobby or Michaels after Christmas and pick a few up for the next year, and can get them for about $2 a piece!!   To decorate them, get a pretty Christmas ribbon (I prefer wired edged because you make it lay how you want!) and wrap it around the wreath.  Then add your own touches like Christmas picks (red berries, pinecones, packages,e tc…) by hot glueing or wiring them in.

For a different, more elegant wreath, I found this wreath that I think is just gorgeous!  I mean, seriously, how easy can this be?!?  Get a wire hanger, shape it into a circle, add glass ornament balls and stick a bow on it?!??!    I think my kids could have done this when they were younger!  Check out this page to see the variety of wreaths you can make using this method!

All this week, Hobby Lobby has their wreath forms, picks, ribbons,  and ornaments on sale for 50%, so even if you don’t want to make it yet, head on over there to pick up the items you will need!

Question of the Day:

When do you usually decorate for Christmas?


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