A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words….

How many times have we heard those words?  Have you ever thought about what it really means?  As a photographer, I think about these words a lot.  I think about them when I’m planning a portrait session, when I’m shooting the portraits, and when I deliver the portraits.

This week I highly recommend that you make an appointment to get your family pictures taken.  This may sound self-serving, but I’m recommending it anyway!  I am not talking about having the neighbor kid with his fancy camera take some shots of you in the background.  I’m talking a real professional!  I will probably get flak for this but a real professional does not shoot a session and burn a disk for $50!  A real professional knows that they need to take time to make your images perfect and $50 ain’t gonna cut it!  Real professionals have expensive equipment, are always learning new processes and researching new and better ways to make your images perfect.  It is worth your time and money to pay a professional to capture your images.

I read a blog a few months back about a professional photographer decided that she needed to hire a professional photographer to take images of her family.  The photographer took some amazing images of her family and took one image in particular that ended up being priceless to the family a few months later.  You see, the photographer knew to take a  variety of images, and some of the images were full-length images of her kids and a few shots of just her children’s feet on a railroad track.  Fast forward to a few months later…one of her sons lost both legs as a result of some disease he had.  Can you imagine how priceless those images are now?  She made a huge print of her children’s feet on the railroad track and hung it on her wall.  How much do you think those images are to that family?

Every year I take portraits of my children, but I never get in the picture.  I always make the excuses of “I need to lost weight”, but this year, I decided that I needed to be in the picture!   A friend of mine passed away last year, and as I sat with her kids and husband, looking through all the images of her through the years, I realized that if I died, my kids would not have any pictures of me with them!!  Maybe I do need to lose weight (No maybes..I really do!), but this is the mom I am now and the mom they know.  If I wait until I lose weight, it might not ever get done!  I kept waiting to lose weight to take a 4 generation portrait with my grandma and she passed away before I lost the weight.  I sure wish now that I had just sucked it up (or in!) and taken the darn pictures!!

God forbid that something horrible happen to one of your family members, but it does give us a reminder that our lives will not always look like they do today. Take the time to make an appointment today.  If you live in the Colorado Springs area, I would love to capture this time of your life.  If you don’t, let me know where you live because I know photographers all over the US (and some foreign countries!) and would love to put you in touch with one of them.  I know it’s expensive, but Wii’s are expensive and in 10 years, they will be obsolete.   An image of your family will last forever!  A lot of photographers, especially at this time of year, offer special mini-sessions that last a half an hour and offer special packages for a reduced price.  Now is the time to take advantage of us photographers!!  Lol….

Please do it…make an appointment….you will never regret it!


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