A Season for Miracles…

Tomorrow night(8pm MST) on the Hallmark Channel is one of my favorite Christmas movies.  It’s called A Season for Miracles.  It’s about a woman who “kidnaps” her niece and nephew when her sister goes to rehab/jail.   When the state tries to take them away from her, she takes the kids and ends up in a little town called “Bethlehem”.   The townspeople mistake Emilie for the niece of an old woman that had passed away and left her house to the niece.  With a little help from an angel, Emilie falls in love with a cop and the children finally get their “miracle” of a stable home.

I love this movie because it shows that even in the most dire circumstances, God is there to help us.  This year will truly be a “season for miracles” for me and my family.  You see, my ex-husband lost his job in August and so I have been supporting my children all by myself on my meager salary, and when I say “meager” I mean meager!!  For the past three months, we have seen miracle after miracle on our behalf by God.  My meager salary has been added to by caring friends who bought me a gift card to Wal-Mart so I could fill my pantry with food for a few weeks.  It’s been supplemented by a new friend that I spent one evening with that has a heart for single moms.  I’ve gotten called at the last minute to shoot a high school dance, which brought in just enough to finish paying my mortgage payment.  God IS good!  I am always amazed to see how He will provide for the next bill that is due.  Right now, I have a big bill that is due on Saturday and I am just waiting to see how God is going to provide.  My faith in God is very real.  I do sometimes struggle with the walk, but I know that no matter what, I will serve God.

Miracles happen every day.  For some of us, we count on miracles and have to be humble enough to accept them; for some, miracles are rarely needed so those are the ones God will use to provide the miracles to those that do need them.  If you are lucky enough in this day and age to have extra, please remember those less fortunate.  There are many wonderful organizations out there that can use your help this time of year.  For years, we have participated in the Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child . This week is the week they ask people to put together shoeboxes with small gifts for children all over the world that NEED a miracle every day.  Fill the box with hygiene items, school supplies, toys, clothing, etc…  Look around your community to see where you can help out.  Here in the Springs, the Springs Rescue Mission could use donations to help feed the homeless and less fortunate for Thanksgiving and Christmas (as well as every day!).   There are so many less fortunate people out there.  I at least have a roof over my head, food in my pantry (thanks, JD and Tracey!), a job, clothes, and so many other things!  I encourage you to find a place or a family that you can help out this year.  Teach your children to give.  At our former church, we had an Angel Tree every year.  My girls would each pick out one Angel off the tree and I ‘d let them pick out a gift for that child or person.  It teaches children to be gracious and giving.  That’s what Christmas is all about…God giving us the most precious gift ever!

While we are all in different seasons of life, I choose to believe that I am in a season for miracles….

Movie to Watch

A Season for Miracles, Hallmark Channel, 10pm EST/8pm MST.  Be sure to check your local listings…I have found that the schedule on hallmarkchannel.com isn’t always accurate.  Don’t miss this one!

Question of the Day

What is the biggest miracle you have ever experienced?


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