Miracles DO Happen!

Miracles DO happen!!  I know that last time we talked about miracles, but I just have to share with you about the miracle I experienced yesterday!   I had been praying earnestly for a financial miracle this week.  I had a bill for $500 due tomorrow (Sunday) and I had about $1.25 in my bank account!!  Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t know that many people that can just drop $500 for someone else!  Well, let me tell you….I not only received the $500, but was totally blessed with triple that amount!  Some of that was from one family that I had met once and had invited into our home for a meal when they were here on vacation!  I had met them through a friend.  They want to remain anonymous, but God has given this woman a heart for single moms and she just knew that God wanted them to bless us.  How good is God?!?!  And how good are those that listen to the voice of God?!?!  I know sometimes I am the biggest baby when it comes to believing God…I have seen Him come through for us more times than not on quite a few occasions (OK–He really has come through on ALL occasions!) and yet, I still can’t seem to have faith that He’s got my back!!  I guess I just have a hard time believing that God wants to bless me, and that I am worthy of it because of Jesus.   So, there’s my miracle story!!

Tonight, the Hallmark Channel is premiering  the movie “The Case for Christmas”.  I am a bug Dean Cain fan (it started during his “Superman” days….he was the hottest Superman EVER!!) so I am looking forward to this movie.  It is kind of along the lines of Miracle on 34th Street as far as I can tell.   Hallmark will also be premiering another movie on Sunday called A Christmas Wish.  This one looks pretty good as well.  Please check your local listings for the times and stations.  Hallmark is playing Christmas movies all weekend so if you are in the mood for Christmas movies, turn the channel on and enjoy.  There are some duds (a’hem…Santa, Jr….), but most are the heartwarming, cheesy Christmas movies that we all love!

This afternoon, I am going shopping for some crafting materials so we can start crafting!  What will we be starting with???  Some homemade ornaments to put on the tree next weekend!  So, if you are out and about, pick up some clear glass Christmas ornaments, some craft paint in various colors, some spray paint (white), some tiny glitter (Martha Stewart’s is best, or so I’m told!),  and some Pledge Future Clear Floor wax- the kind with the blue spout lid)! (Yes, i said floor wax cleaner!!)  We are going to do amazing things with all these items!  If you go here, you can get a 25% off coupon for your whole purchase tomorrow between 4pm-9pm at Michaels!  That even includes sale items!  On second thought…I’m going to wait until tomorrow to go shopping!!

I can’t believe it’s already the weekend before Thanksgiving!!  Christmas will be here before we know!!  Happy weekend!


Question of the Day

What is your favorite ornament?



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