All That Glitters is Not Gold!

Sometimes, it’s just pretty things to hang on your tree!!  Well, that’s what we are making today!  This is a super easy project, although just a tad bit messy! (We ARE using glitter after all!)  Let’s get to it!

First of all, the “cast of characters” (Oh, how I wish The Pioneer Woman had not started blogging before me—this would truly be my line!):

Regular old clear floor wax ,
Clear glass ornaments
  Glitter( in any colors you want)
A paper plate or something to put under your project
A paper or plastic cup
An old envelope with the corner cut off (Or a funnel if you have one)

Please excuse the condition of the floor wax bottle—to my knowledge, I’ve had this bottle forever and I’m not even sure that I’ve ever used it myself….not even sure where it came from but it’s at least 15 years old!!  I never threw it away because I figured one day I’d probably need it!!  Lol..   I would also keep a wet rag nearby…floor wax is kind of messy and a lot of sticky!!

Next, remove the metal hangy thingy–you know, the lid of your ornament.  Be careful not to break the ornament while doing this. Oh, and please overlook the sad and sorry condition of my hands/fingernails!  Had I known, I would have gotten a manicure or at least put some lotion on….

Now, you need to pour some floor wax into the ornament….this is pretty messy!  Well, at least it was for me!  I had it dripping down the sides and on the counter by the time I got some in there!  I’m going to blame it on the fact that the wax was old and a little thick!  I placed the ornament in a plastic cup to hold it upright.  You don’t need to unless you are trying to take a picture at the same time like I was!

There!  That looks like plenty (you can always add more if needed!).  Now you will need to swirl the floor wax inside the ornament until you have coated the whole inside.  If you get some air bubbles, you can use a q-tip to pop them.  I didn’t notice any big ones so didn’t even bother removing the few I saw.  Also, make sure to get some up into the neck of the ornament.  You can do that easier with the next step!

Now remove the lid of the floor wax bottle and turn the ornament upside into the bottle.  This will help drain out any excess wax out of the ornament.  I just left it for a few seconds. (And if you look close enough, you can almost see 2 eyes and a smile on the ornament…like a big head on the wax bottle!!)

Now, insert a funnel or corner of envelope into the neck of the ornament and pour some glitter in.  Don’t skimp now!  You are going to want to cover the whole inside, so pour it in! 

Start swirling the glitter around.  To get the neck of the ornament, put your finger over the top and shake, shake, shake!   Shake it until the whole inside is covered.

This is what it should look like.   Pour any loose glitter back into the glitter bottle or into the plastic cup. 

Place the metal hangy thingy back on (don’t you love when I talk all technical?!)…still being careful not to break the ornament!

White glitter….

Red and Green Glitter together…

Put an ornament hook on it,  hang on tree and be prepared to be dazzled by all it’s glittery goodness!   Make these in a variety of colors and give away as gifts.  You could also use a glitter pen and write a name or date on the outside of the ornament!!  It’s a good thing! (Dang, that Martha and Pioneer Woman!   They’ve coined all the good phrases!!)  


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