Let the Christmas Season Begin!!

Well, the turkey has been eaten, the dishes done, the turkey soup is on the stove and thus the “official” Christmas season begins at our home!  We already have one and a half trees up….one more to go!  Today I am trying to concentrate on getting the other decorations up, but wanted to get a couple of crafts made to share with you!  Unfortunately, the first one I tried ended as an epic fail, and the other is drying on the dining room table as I write!

I have been combing the internet for fun, pretty and easy decorations to make.  I found these darling ornaments and since I have a large collection of toilet paper rolls, I thought “These would be so easy, cute and cheap to make!”.  Well, they were cheap, and could be cute, but they weren’t all that easy!  I was all prepared with my spray paint and glitter, had a place in the garage to use the spray paint and when I started to spray, I learned that spray paint doesn’t always stick to toilet paper rolls!!  I tried and tried, but ended up with a plain toilet paper roll, sitting in a pool of pretty white paint….

So, when that failed, I made another one and hand painted it with acrylic paint and it turned out much better….

I thought I was home free and victory was within reach!  Next it was time to add the glitter so I began to dust the “snowflake” with the glitter….and the glitter just fell right off!  The acrylic paint apparently dries way too fast!  So, my lightning quick brain said “Paint each side again and add the glitter before moving on to the next side!”  I did that and it just didn’t look too pretty as evidenced here:

I am not giving up though!!  My next try at it will be adding white glitter, which is probably what I should have done to start with!  I think the multi-colored was just not forgiving enough….any mistakes would clearly be identified!   Soooo…being the kind of person I am, I just HAD to give it one more try!!!  This time, I hand painted each surface with white paint, then immediately sprinkled white glitter, then did this for each surface…..

Victory is mine!!!  White, glittery toilet paper roll star!  Next time, I will paint it red and make it a poinsettia!  (That is IF there is a next time…lol.)

What this taught me is that sometimes, things don’t always work out the first time, but if you try, try again, you might just succeed!  Another thing I know about crafting is that sometimes things don’t work out the way the instructions are given, but if you just take the time to think about it, you might come up with a better (and easier way) of doing it! 

Movies I Recommend

Tonight, both Hallmark and Lifetime channels are premiering brand new Christmas movies.  The Hallmark Channel will be premiering Debbie McComber’s Trading Christmas, which as far as I can tell, is a little bit like The Holiday, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  It starts at 6pm MST/8pm EST.  It is preceded by two other movies by Debbie McComber, which have already begun as I sit here!  I would tell you to check the Hallmark site online for times, but I just looked over there and they were not posting the same times as the TV Guide Channel on my TV!  So you might want to check your TV for schedules and times!

Lifetime will be premiering a movie called Dear Santa, about a lonely young woman who decides to be Santa’s gift to a little girl and her lonely father.  I really want to see both movies tonight, so will most likely watch Dear Santa at 6pm and the repeat of Trading Christmas at 8pm.

Tomorrow night (Sunday, November 27th), Hallmark will be premiering the movie Holiday Engagement, which looks like a really cute movie as well.  It starts at 6pm MST/pm EST. 


Books I Recommend

As I said before, I think everyone should read Christmas books around Christmas time.  One of my favorite books to read at this time of year is The Paper Bag Christmas.  It’s a beautiful story and please, have a box of kleenex on hand when you get to the final chapters!!  It is a MUST read, in my opinion!


Question of the Day

Have you ever made a craft that ended in an epic fail?  If so, what was it and what went wrong?


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