Christmas, Day 3….

I am so glad it’s the weekend!  I had a long, exhausting week and am looking forward to a break. (Well, if you can call cleaning the house, doing laundry, going grocery shopping, finishing the decorating of the house, making some crafts, and writing this blog a “‘break”!)

Today, your activity is quite simple….tonight,  I want you to make some hot chocolate, make some popcorn, gather the family together and watch a Christmas movie.  It can be one that’s on TV or a rental or one you own.  Just pick a movie and spend the evening with your family.  There are so many wonderful movies out there for Christmas.  It’s a Wonderful Life is one of my favorites to watch with the family.  We all need a reminder every so often that our lives are important and have meaning.  Or if you’ve had a long week and just want to sit back, relax and laugh, pick up The Santa Clause or Elf or A Christmas Story.   Take the time now to sit down with your family before the flurry of activity hits.

Christmas Movies

Tonight, The Hallmark Channel will be offering another holiday premiere.  This movie is called A Princess for Christmas.  Who doesn’t love a magical tale of a poor girl that suddenly becomes rich and royalty (Kate Middleton?!?!  Nuff said!), then make it a Christmas movie and you’ve got yourself a magical evening!   Having 3 little princesses myself, we will be watching this movie tonight!  One of the stars is Roger Moore, best known as the dashing and naughty, James Bond (after the amazing Sean Connery and before the studly Pierce Brosnan).  I have only seen him as James Bond, so it will be interesting to see him as another character.  Hallmark will be showing back-to-back Christmas movies all day long, so check your local listings for times and movies.

Over on Lifetime Channel, they will also be airing Christmas movies all day.  I am looking forward to Nothing Like the Holidays starring Debra Messing.  Following Nothing Like the Holidays, is a cute little movie called A Boyfriend For Christmas.  It’s a corny little Christmas love story, but isn’t that what Christmas movies are usually about anyway?!  This is one movie I own and my girls and I love watching the love story between Holly and Douglas Firwood unfold!

ABC Family Channel is once again dedicating this weekend to the Harry Potter series, which is so disappointing to me.  ABC has the rights to an awful lot of great family Christmas movies, and yet they continually show the HP movies, as well as the Pixar movies such as The Incredibles.   For me, I will stick with the stations that air real Christmas movie fare!

Today’s Craft

This morning I woke up to a winter wonderland!  There was a nice dusting of snow on the ground and frost on the trees.  Nothing gets me more in the holiday spirit like a snowfall!  Today we are going to make snowballs!  No, not the wet, cold kind…the kind you can decorate with and they never melt!

The Cast of Characters

Epsom Salts, Tacky glue, styrofoam balls, and white glitter.  All of these items (except the Tacky Glue) can be found at the dollar store.  You don’t have to get the Tacky glue brand…any white glue will do!)  You will also need a bowl, a plastic cup, and a paintbrush.

To begin, mix some glue with water (about 2 parts glue to 1 part water) in a plastic cup and mix.

Then pour some of the Epsom salts into a bowl.  Pour a good amount of it…you want enough to be able to roll the styrofoam ball in it.  The larger the ball, the more you will need! Add some of the glitter to the salts.  The more you add, the more sparkly the snowballs will be.

Now, get a piece of wire or ornament hook, straighten it out and insert into the ball.  This is to keep your fingers from getting glue on them as you add it to the ball!  You could even use a toothpick!  Once you’ve inserted the wire, start to paint the glue mix onto the ball.  You want to cover the whole ball (even around the wire).  If it’s glopping, thin it out a bit. Glopping will cause the salts to glop onto the ball and then fall off in one chunk!

Next, you just roll the ball in the bowl of salt and glitter!  I will roll it around, and then with my fingers just start adding the salt/glitter to bare spots.

Once it’s all covered…this is what you will have…

A snowball!!  Isn’t it pretty?  The picture doesn’t do it justice….(and no, as you can tell, I did not get the aforementioned manicure since my last craft!)

Lay the finished snowballs on a plastic plate or ice cream bucket lid like mine!

Can you imagine a tree filled with snowballs? Or….

This is what I plan to make this afternoon with my snowballs!   Can’t you just imagine all the things you can do using this technique?

You can even use this technique on candles and other things!  You can also paint the styrofoam a different color (like blue) and then put the salts on it and the blue will lightly show through.  If you want to put the “snow” on something that is colored (like this pillar candle) but you want it to be white, you will need to paint white on it before you add the salt.  Use a piece of tape or a rubber band to mark the edge before you paint.

Now…who wants to make some snowballs?!!?


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