Special Delivery!

I love the day I receive the first Christmas card of the season.  I especially love it when my friends include a little letter that tells me all about their kids fantastic grades, the wonderful vacation they took and the things they did to upgrade their home that year!  I know there are a lot of people that get offended by those letters, but I love getting them!  Some people see them as people “bragging” about what they’ve got, where they’ve gone, etc…perhaps next time you get one of those letters, you need to just sit back, read it and enjoy it!

Today, I want you to write a letter to send with your Christmas cards.  Yep, that’s my assignment for you tonight!  Even if you’ve had a bad year, there HAS to be some things that were good.  Some times when you sit down and reflect on the past year, you realize that there were some awesome things that happened to you.

We had a rough year….jobs lost, family problems, sicknesses, etc…but when I look over the past year, I can also see all the wonderful things that God has done for us!  I can’t be anything but thankful and I want to share God’s goodness to us with all those that I love, so I will be writing a letter to include in my Christmas cards.  If you get one, and think I’m bragging, that’s ok…I AM!  I am bragging about all the wonderful things God has done!!

This weekend I’ll be baking some cookies!  I have a soft sugar cookie recipe I want to try before I share it with you.  I have been in search of the perfect soft sugar cookie for 20 years and hopefully, this is the one!  I’ll let you know!

Ladies and gents….get to writing!!!


One comment on “Special Delivery!

  1. I’m with you! I love getting the Christmas letters from friends and family!! I’ve saved some of them (some really cherished ones!) and keep them in the box with the Christmas ornaments. We re-read them all when we decorate the tree the following year. We send one every year!

    As for the cookies, I need three dozen by Saturday night so let me know if that sugar recipe works out! 😉 I always do the traditional, snowball cookies, gingersnaps (my family tradition) and wedding cakes (Frank’s family tradition). My sugar cookies have never turned out!

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