Baby’s First Christmas!

Baby’s first Christmas…it’s a wonderful time in the life of a family.  I remember each one of my daughter’s first Christmases.   I wish that I had recorded their first Christmases a little better though.  Yes, I took pictures, but I didn’t do anything else to make a memory of those Christmases.

So, if this Christmas you have a new baby, I want you to make some memories to keep.  I wish when my children were little, there had been such a thing as the internet….and Pinterest!   I have found all kinds of fun and interesting crafting and decorating websites on Pinterest.  I have compiled a few different sites that contain some really cute crafts that can be done with babies (and children, for that matter).

Footprint Reindeer

I LOVE this craft!  This could be a piece of Christmas art that you hang every year as part of your Christmas decorations.  I’m tempted to do it with my own kids this year because it’s so darn cute.  Although this one is done on a large canvas,  you could try to find a smaller canvas (make sure it’s big enough for a footprint) and put an ornament hanger on for a tree!  Grandparents would love this!

Glass Ornament Footprint

This would be a super easy ornament to make for yourself and for grandparents.  If your baby is the first grandchild, you could start this tradition now and as each grandchild is born, you could make them to give to the grandparents…can you imagine a tree filled with ornaments of baby feet?!?  How CUTE!  I personally would use blue or pink paint, depending on the sex of the child because it would look so cute on a grandparent’s tree.  This is a variation using a handprint and different paint.

Thumbprint Reindeer Ornament

Apparently, reindeer are really easy to make using body parts!  I think this ornament is cute, cute, cute!  You don’t necessarily need a baby to do this either!  This would work for children of any age.  You could do one thumbprint for each child you have, then write their name underneath each one.  Once again, make some for the grandparents!

Clay Fingerprint Ornaments

Making clay ornaments is always a fun activity to do with your kids.  One year we made a bunch of clay ornaments, and in spite of being packed and unpacked every year, and even dropped, they are still in tact (well most of them are!)   This site uses oven baked clay that you purchase, but you could certainly use a regular flour/salt dough recipe such as this.  I found this great website that has just about any homemade clay you could want.  There is even edible dough!  This is another way you could do a baby’s footprint or handprint.

Photo Christmas Ornament

Being a photographer, I love, love, love this ornament!  It would be so cute to do one of these every year of your child.  The downside to this craft is that you will need to have access to a photo editing program like Photoshop Elements to make the strips of images.   If you are interested in doing something like this, contact me and I will put the images together for you and email it back for you to print out for $10.  I think I’m going to make one of these for each of my daughters in their Nutcracker roles!

So, there you have it!  A couple of really easy Christmas crafts to make to commemorate your baby’s first year!  And be sure to take a lot of pictures!!



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