Now Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding…

I have no idea what “figgy pudding” is, but “they” wouldn’t go until “they” got some, so it must be pretty good!  Actually, I looked it up in Wikipedia (because Wikipedia is such a trusted source…lol) and it says it is a “white Christmas pudding made with figs”.  It could be baked, steamed boiled or fried.  Sounds pretty gross to me….I think I’ll stick with other Christmas goodies!

Since we’re on the subject, let’s do some baking this weekend!  Can you believe Christmas is in one week?!?!  Where has the month gone?!  I feel that there is so much more to do and just not enough time to do it.  Yesterday, I got quite a few things done:  I shipped off a package that needed to be mailed, I got a few gifts made, I bought the fabric for my daughters’ Christmas Eve pj’s and I actually got them cut out (and one pair almost made)!  I feel I got quite a bit accomplished today!  I’m usually making the pj’s the morning of Christmas eve!  I’ve made my girls pj’s almost every year since they were little.  There were a few years I took the easy way out and bought them, but that was if I just ran out of time, or found a great deal on them in the store!  Anyway…with those things out of the way, I want to finish making the pj’s today and get some baking done!

When I was growing up, we would get endless trays of Christmas goodies from my dad’s customers (he owns a car garage).  There were always a wide variety of cookies, bars, and things we didn’t recognize!  A neighbor down the street from us always made fudge and homemade donuts…she knew how to make a donut!   I suppose that those endless trays of goodies will always be a reminder of Christmases past.  My mom hardly ever had to bake for us because we got so much from everyone else, but I do remember her pulling out the red Tupperware cookie cutters and making cookies with them.  I was so excited when my mom handed them down to me…then after using them, I realized what a pain they were!!  There are so many grooves and so much detail in them that dough gets stuck in them and it’s hard to get a decent cookie cut out of them!  You have to use a toothpick to clean the dough out of them.  I keep them now mostly for the memories of them.

I “try” to make sugar cookies every year, even if it’s the Pillsbury brand that come in a roll!  (And I’m usually doing those on Christmas eve!)  Since I’m working full time now, it’s so hard to find the time to do everything.  I’ve found a few recipes on Pinterest that I really want to try out this year.  Here are a few of them:

Sugar Cookies

I have been on a quest for the perfect, soft sugar cookie my entire adult life!  I have never found it, so am hoping that this recipe is the one!  I’m not a huge fan of sugar cookies, but I love cutting out the shapes and decorating them!  I usually end up giving them away, but mostly because not only am I not a fan, but none of my girls are either.  I suppose I just shouldn’t make them, but for some reason it just doesn’t seem like Christmas without making sugar cookies!  I will let you know the results.

Italian Cream Cake

I first tasted Italian Cream Cake a few years ago at a wedding I shot.  It was the most amazing cake I have EVER tasted!  The frosting was creamy with just that bit of “crust” on it; the cake part of it had just a hint of coconut and a just a light crunch of pecans.  It was heavenly!  I just found this recipe on the internet and really want to give it a try!


Who doesn’t love Reeses Peanut Butter Cups?!?  They are my all-time favorite candy, and when my sister-in-law brought me a goodie tray a few years ago with these on them, I knew I’d found my new favorite “cookie” (or are they candy!?)  I will definitely be making some of these!

Hot Chocolate

I know hot chocolate is not a cookie or candy, but this is a recipe I found and really want to make it.  I even thought about having a caroling party just so I could make it!  Then I realized that I was an adult…I could just make it if I wanted  So, I will be making some of this tonight to share with my family as we play games and watch Christmas movies.  I pretty much grew up with hot chocolate from a package, so I’m very excited to try the real thing!

Uber Rice Krispie Treats

Although these are generally known as “Scotcheroos”, I was introduced to them as “Uber Rice Krispie Treats” and boy, are they!  I LOVE these, and could eat a whole pan if given enough time alone with them. Once again, I love the combo of chocolate and peanut butter, so will definitely be making these!  If you like Rice Krispie treats, you have got to try these!

So, what will you be baking for Christmas this year?  Do you have hand-me-down recipes that you must make every year?

Ladies and gentlemen…pre-heat your ovens and get to baking!


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