I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas….

As I sit here “writing”, a soft snow is gently falling outside.  Since I live in Colorado, most people automatically assume that we have a white Christmas, but in actuality, we hardly ever have a white Christmas!  Nothing puts me more in the spirit of Christmas than a snowfall.  I love when it snows at Christmas!  I hope that this year, we do have a white Christmas….but NOT TODAY!!!  There is still shopping to do!  There are still things to be done and I can’t be snowed in now!

I am starting to feel that Christmas “stress” come upon me….I have not made the cookies I planned on, I still don’t have my daughters’ Christmas Eve jammies done, I still have a few Christmas presents I need to make and I still have quite a few gifts to buy!  Not only that, but we just found out that 2 of my daughters will be dancing at the Christmas Eve service at our church, so I need to make 2 dancing skirts by Saturday as well!

Every year, I say I’m going to start earlier.  Then, things come up or finances are tight, and I’m not able to get it all together early like I plan.  So what should we do?  I think the secret is to just do what we can!  Do I really need to make cookies?  Do I need to make additional Christmas presents for my kids when I already have presents for them under the tree?  It’s all about figuring out what needs to be done and what can be scratched off the list!

This year I planned on taking the kids driving around to look at Christmas lights.  I planned on having a special night where I sent them invitations to a Christmas slumber party under the Christmas tree.  I planned on taking them to see the Electric Safari at the local zoo.  I planned all these things and now Christmas is only 3 days away!  So we go on to Plan B:

We will drive around and look at Christmas lights on the way home from our church’s Christmas Eve Service

I will invite them to a slumber party under the Christmas party one day next week since we will all be home

We will go see the Electric Safari one night next week

We will bake cookies one day next week while I’m on vacation from work

Maybe I will finish some of their gifts next week, and give them to them on New Year’s Eve

Sometimes we just put too much pressure on ourselves to do everything before Christmas…why not wait until after Christmas to do some of the special things?  If you are behind in things you wanted to do, do them next week instead!  Enjoy these last couple of days between now and Christmas.  Stop and watch a Christmas movie with your family.  Pull out a game and sit down to play with your kids.  Christmas is not about the presents and the food…it’s about spending time with your family and enjoying them.  If you are stressed out and worn out, just stop and figure out what can wait…and do the rest next week!!!  And by the way….I AM dreaming of a white Christmas!


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