Dashing Through the Snow…

Yesterday morning I woke up to a Winter Wonderland!  Over night we had gotten about 7 inches of snow.  Now, I love snow if I don’t have to get out and drive in it, so I wasn’t too thrilled that we got that much snow and my workplace didn’t even have a late start!   So, I dragged my warm, toasty body out of bed, showered and got ready for work.  As my daughter and I were just getting ready to leave for work (my daughter works at the same place I do), my boss texted me and told me to stay home if it was bad at our house–it was bad at our house, so we stayed home–SNOW DAY!

I knew we needed some milk and a few items from the grocery (which is 1 mile away), so the girls and I loaded up and headed out.  At the grocery store I spotted one of those plastic sledding saucers for $6.49.  My youngest daughter cannot remember ever sledding and has been begging me to take her sledding, so I decided to pick one up and surprise her.  She was so excited when she saw it, but what I hadn’t thought about was where were we going to go sledding since the roads were too bad to go anywhere.  As I was driving up our driveway, I got the brilliant idea to sled down our driveway!  Now the driveway is not that long (you could probably park 2 cars bumper to bumper down it, but it does have a nice incline!  I pulled the sled out of the car and asked who wanted to be the first victim person down the driveway.  Natalie volunteered right off the bat!

Natalie taking the first run down the driveway.

Success!  It was just long enough without it being too long to walk back up.  The girls took turns…

First Natalie...

Then Ashley...

Then Ashley had an "incident"

Now it was Emily's turn...

Our dog, Sandy, wanted to join in on the fun.

Then it was yours truly's turn!

I have not been on a sled in probably 20 years.  I was a little afraid of what might happen to my brittle bones…or if the little piece of plastic would actually hold me or snap in two like a piece of peanut brittle!  I won’t share the photo of 2 of the girls pushing me off…Ashley looks like she is pushing with all her might and I’m not budging…that isn’t what happened, but it looks like it is.

A little drama for the camera...

And a final image of our dog dressed up like Rudolph.

I just know Sandy was sitting there thinking, “My pets are so embarrassing….why do they humiliate me by doing stupid stuff like this?”  You can see it in her face, can’t you?  She was a good sport, though.

In one moment of sheer brilliance (purchasing the sled), I was able to create a memory for my kids that will not be forgotten.  We had the best time taking turns down our driveway on that sled.    I put the stress of the holidays and the thoughts of everything that still needed to be done on the back burner and just went out and had fun!  We laughed the whole time, we laughed about it while I made homemade hot cocoa and we laughed when we looked at all the pictures (123 to be exact—I’m an over-shooter).  Who knew that $6.49 could buy you laughter and a memory for your kids?!  I hope my kids always remember the snow day that mommy put everything else aside and spent the morning sledding with them instead.  That’s what I want you to do…drop everything and go make a memory with your kids, while I go take some Ibuprofin and a hot bath for my sore body.

My 3 4 kids…


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