Happy Christmas Eve!

I cannot even believe it is Christmas Eve!  All the planning, the sewing, the crafting, the baking, the shopping will all come to a screeching halt tonight!  I still have my Christmas Cinnamon rolls to make tonight, but I have nothing else to sew or craft!

This has been a crazy week at the Bryant household!  After the fun of our sledding day, things kinda went downhill!  I was awakened on Friday morning at 5am by daughter #3, that daughter #2 was laying on her bedroom floor, crying because her abdomen hurt!  I bundled her up, got her in the car and headed to the ER.  After almost 5 hours in the ER, it was discovered that she had a 2 mm kidney stone!  So they drugged her up, wrote out 3 prescriptions and sent us home to wait for the stone to pass!  As of this evening at 7:57pm, as I write this, it is still somewhere in her kidneys!

Tonight, we attended our church’s Christmas Eve service.  Daughter #1 and #2 performed a beautiful dance to “Jesus, Born on This Day”…yes, that is daughter #2 with the kidney stone!  She’s a trooper!  We sang all the old Christmas carols and our wonderful pastor gave a short message on the importance of the birth of Jesus.  I love the Christmas Eve service!

Today I baked sugar cookies (the recipe I shared the other day for soft sugar cookies is wonderful!!   Just pay attention to the part where it says to roll them out thin—they really puff up!), I made brownies and Uber Rice Krispy Treats!  The girls have opened their Christmas eve jammies and I just now put the cinnamon rolls in to rise while we watch “The Nativity”, which has been a Christmas Eve tradition since it came out on DVD.  We are settling in for a long winter’s nap!

I no longer have little ones that are excited and anticipating the arrival of Santa Claus, which makes me very sad.  There is no need to get the cookies and milk ready; no urgency to get to bed so Santa doesn’t pass us by.   Rudolph will just have to pass us by this year!

As I sit here watching “The Nativity”, I cannot help but think what an act of faith it was for Mary and Joseph to be the chosen ones.  Can you imagine having an angel come to tell your 13 or 14 year old daughter that even though she has not had relations with a man,  she will be having a baby?!?!  And not just ANY baby, but God’s only Son!??!   I have a 13 year old daughter and I would have a really hard time believing it!  What kind of faith must their families have had?  Can you imagine being the mother of God’s Son?  It’s a big enough responsibility to raise a regular child…I can’t even think what a responsibility it would be to raise the King of Kings!

God gave His Son…His only Son.  He sent Him to earth to die for sins, to be beaten so that we could be healed from any sickness and disease, and to become poor so that we might become rich.  What a sacrifice!  God’s gift to us…His Son.  Have you received this gift?  Have you accepted His love for you?  Although there are many gifts under our tree, the only gift that matters to any of us is the gift that God gave us in His Son, Jesus.  Will you accept that gift?


One comment on “Happy Christmas Eve!

  1. amen!
    I, too, love the Christmas Eve service. WE are away from home and attended an unknown church to us. What a delight to rejoice with strangers who also love the Lord. The body of the Lord in so many places – sort of like heaven will be – all of us praising the Lord together. Have a blessed Christmas!

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