Don’t Leave Me Now!

Well, Christmas is over!   I can’t believe that Christmas has come and gone already.  Time just goes by too quickly!

Although this blog is titled “Tiz The Season”, that doesn’t mean the blog is done until next Christmas.  There are still many seasons to a year and I plan to blog right through each and every one of them!  Plus, I plan to continue to craft and try out recipes that I want to share with you.

First up….I am re-decorating my youngest daughter’s bedroom this week.  I am off of work until January 4th, and although I’d really just like to stay in my jammies and rest, I really need to get her room done!   When we moved into this house 8 years ago, she was a little girl and wanted a princess room!  It took me some time, but I gave her a princess room!  It was painted in Bibbidy-bobbidy Blue, Pretty in Pink and One Enchanted  Evening (all of them can be found at Home Depot), I framed prints of her 4 favorite princesses and their princes. a sheer drape over her bed and 2 shelves loaded with porcelain Disney Princess dolls!  I even painted windows on her biggest wall and put decals of the princesses in them so it looked like they were sitting at a window, looking out!  If I can find the pictures of it when I finished it, I will post them later!

About a year or two ago, I noticed things slowly coming down.  First it was the porcelain dolls, then it was the decals on the wall…then she started asking if we could take it all down and change her room because it was just too baby-ish!  This all came a few years ago when she quit playing with Barbie dolls and no longer believed in Santa–my baby was growing up!  Unfortunately, she has been stuck with the paint on the walls, but everything else came down (except the framed prints on the wall).  When Christmas came around this year, I kept asking her what she wanted and she couldn’t come up with anything, so I came up with the idea of re-decorating her room as her Christmas present!  So, I set out a paint tray, paint chips in shades of purple/lavender (her chosen “new” color) and brushes as her main gift.  She was so excited!

So, now I am forced to do it, and do it I will!  I will be painting, making new curtains (or buying them if I can find some cheap ones!), making a few throw pillows and re-painting her little dresser.  I will post before, during and after shots.  Maybe you will see something that sparks your imagination or creativity.

I hope you continue to follow along….Valentine’s Day will be here soon and I will be posting ideas for that, so stay tuned as this season turns into that season and so on and so on….  We can make memories all year long!

Question of the Day

Is there a room in your house that you are longing to re-decorate?!  What room is it?  And what would you do to it if money were no problem?


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