A Pillow to Lay Your Head On…

One of the things we did to add a punch of color to Nat’s Very Violet Room, was to add some colorful pillows on the bed.  If you’ve ever priced throw pillows, you know they can get pretty expensive, pretty quickly!  Why spend all that money when you can make some of your own and you don’t even have to know how to sew!!

To make these pillows:

Handmade, No Sew Pillows

You will need:
A Pillow form in the size you want ( I think these were 14×14)
Fabric(This was Fleece fabric, which is great for pillows!)
Measuring Tape
A piece of cardboard or paper at least as large as the pillow size (14×14 for this one)

To figure out how much fabric you need, take the measurement of your pillow (14×14) and add at least 4 inches to each side (18×18), depending on how long you want the fringe.  Cut 2 pieces of fabric this size (18×18).  Cut a piece of cardboard or paper to the size of the pillow form (14×14) and lay in the middle of both pieces of the fabric….like this:
Pattern for PillowNow, just start cutting lines from the edge of the fabric to the edge of the cardboard.  This does not have to be exact!  It doesn’t even have to be straight,  nor do the strips need to be the same size, although I do try to make it all as close to the same as possible!  This is the beauty of making these pillows—nothing has to be perfect…..except the fabric and cardboard measurements!  When you come to the corners, make sure that at the edge of the corner, you end with a strip.  For the corner, you can either cut them like I did, which is really hard to explain (you will basically cut strip that comes out from the corner, which will make a triangle on each side of it.)  Or, you can just cut a square out at each corner, which  is FAR easier than they way I did this one!
Do this for all sides until you’ve gone all the way around the pieces of fabric, like this.  Now, very gently begin to pull apart one side of the fabric so you can place the pillow in between the pieces of fabric.  DO NOT pull the pieces of fabric apart all the way!  It will be almost impossible to line up the strips again.

Lay the pillow form underneath the top layer of fabric, and gently lay the top piece back over the pillow.  Now the fun begins!
Start tying the fringe pieces in knots.  Start at a corner and work your way around the pillow.  Depending on your choice of fabric, you may need to be careful how tight you tie them.  This is why I recommend fleece…you can tie it pretty tightly without ripping the fabric.  When you are done tying all the fringe, you are done
TA-DA!!!  A super easy, super inexpensive pop of color and pillow for any room!  Fleece comes in so many colors and patterns that you could make these for any room.  Imagine a big, huge floor pillow in Denver Bronco fabric for the “man-cave”!  Or how about some animal prints to throw on a leather couch?  This would look fab in a leopard print!  And the best part?  You do not know have to sew!!  As long as you can measure and cut relatively straight, you can make these fabulous and fun pillows!  We purchased the fabric on sale at Hancock Fabric for about $1.25 for a 1/4 yard of fabric, and $4 for the pillow form.  A pillow for under $6….what a deal!

And what a fun project to do with your kids!

I’d love to see what kinds of pillows you come up with…feel free to post some images in the comment section!


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