Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 48th birthday….48th!  I have been alive for 48 years.  I have probably lived over half my life by now.  50 is just around the corner.  How did I get here so….so….FAST!

Birthdays have always been hard for me.  When I was younger, I wanted to be older.  Now that I’m older, I want to be younger.  Once I hit the age of 30, I really began to hate birthdays.  It isn’t that I look in the mirror every morning and see a bunch of wrinkles–I’m pretty good in the wrinkle department.  The few that I do have are very fine.  I guess it’s just good, clean living–I never drank, smoked, or did drugs.  I washed my face and moisturized every night.  Most people guess me to be in my early to mid-thirties.  I love when people can’t believe that I have a 21 year old daughter!  I think it’s mostly because I’m overweight and the extra padding just keeps the wrinkles plumped out!  Lol….

Anyway…did I mention I’ve lived for 48 years?!?!  As I look over my life, and take inventory, I hope that my second half of life is better and happier than the first half.   “They” say that all of our life experiences make us who we are.  I hope that my experiences have not made me bitter or angry or even sad.  I feel that in the last 4 years, following 20 years of a miserable marriage, I have become strong, independent and full of faith and hope.  I have learned more about myself in the past 4 years than I ever knew.  I hope that the next half of my life will be much better.  I want to be a better Christian, a better mom and a better woman.

This morning, my youngest daughter was patiently waiting for someone to get up.  She had gotten up early to search The Pioneer Woman’s website for a delicious breakfast to make for me this morning as a surprise.  She had decided on Juevos Rancheros (mostly I think because we had the ingredients).  The only problem is that I don’t like her to use the stove if no one else is in the vicinity of the kitchen!  So she waited patiently for someone to wake up so she could make me breakfast.   Unfortunately, I was the first one up, so she couldn’t surprise me.   While she was cooking, I opened up Facebook to find a lovely birthday message from my oldest daughter.  After breakfast, I went upstairs to take a shower and found a beautiful handmade card from my middle daughter that brought tears to my eyes.   In the eyes of my daughters, I am a good mom.  I guess that is more important to me than anything else besides being a good Christian.  As long as my children think I am wonderful, I don’t really care what others think of me.

So, I have lived over half my life by now.  I’ve made mistakes, and I’ve done some things right.  What I do with the rest of my life is up to me now.  I choose to live the remainder of my life full of hope and anticipation.  Hope for a better life and anticipation of things to come.  I am now 48 years old….and proud of it….well, almost.


Just A Note

I had someone mention to me the other day, that now that Christmas is over, the name of my blog just doesn’t make much sense.  I understand that because most of us relate the words “tis the season” from the Christmas carol, “Deck the Halls”.  I realize that it was a strange choice to name my blog, but it made the most sense to me because I want to help you all create a “season” all year round.  Why should creativeness, traditions and doing special things be relegated to Christmas-time only?  My hope is that you embrace every season of the year as a special time for you and your families.  I hope you stay with me throughout the year!


4 comments on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Happy birthday Monica! Your post brought tears to my eyes. You are such a beautiful woman and have wonderful girls! Thank you for sharing.

    Also I love the name of your blog, I feel each day should be celebrated and “tis the season” says that. Keep up the good work!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Monica! It certainly sounds like you had a terrific day! What a great message in your blog and I wish you much happiness for the “second half” of life!!

    I so enjoy the blog, keep it up!!

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