Do You Pinterest?!?!?

I must make a confession:  I am a woman of serious addictions.  I am addicted to TV.  I will watch just about ANY TV show that involves  doctors, lawyers, judges, families, or love.  My favorite show of all time is Survivor.  It is an addiction that takes over my life sometimes.  Please do not call me between the hours of 7 & 8pm on Wednesday, when Survivor is in season!  I will not answer the phone.  It’s THAT serious!  Lol….

Recently, I have acquired a new addiction:  Pinterest.  If you haven’t heard of Pinterest I don’t know where you’ve been living!  Pinterest is on online virtual bulletin board, if you will.  Let me try to explain….

Have you ever searched over and over again for a certain recipe, found it, scribbled it down on a piece of paper and then proceeded to lose it?!?  With Pinterest, you will never lose the recipe again!  You just go to the website of the desired information, “pin it” to the board of your choosing, and it will remain there until either you delete it, or the website is closed down.  Now, when I need that recipe for Crack Dip (another addiction!), I just go to my Pinterest boards, and click on the image of it….voila!  It takes me directly to the website where I found the dip in the first place!  No more little scraps of paper lying around or getting thrown away.  It’s neatly “filed” away on my Pinterest board.

It’s also great for planning parties or weddings.  You can make a board for food, or dresses you like, or flowers, or money-saving ideas.  It’s amazing what you can find on the boards!  You can look at other people’s boards and pin stuff they have found!  Can you see where you could get addicted to this!?!?

Pinterest also brought forth another addiction of mine–sewing/crafting.  Since you can browse through other person’s boards, you can find the most amazing crafts and sewing ideas!  I used to sew and craft all the time when my children were little.  It gave me such joy and relieved stress in my life.  When I started working outside the home 4 years ago, I quit doing it because I just didn’t have the time!  When I went on Pinterest and found all these wonderful crafting/sewing ideas, it made me miss it so much.  So, I drug out my sewing machine, serger, hot glue gun, fabric, styrofoam balls and everything else and started crafting/sewing again!  I am in heaven!  I missed it so much.

I now want to make scarves, bags, iPad/Nook covers, and baby stuff to sell.  It has encouraged me to open an Etsy store and start doing something else that I love.  I have 3 little school desks in my basement that I was going to sell as they are….now I want to refurbish them by painting them and making them pretty and THEN selling them!   I made my own homemade laundry detergent so I could save some money.  It gave me the little push that I needed to re-decorate my daughter’s bedroom.  This the BEST addiction ever!

If you are interested in checking Pinterest out, you do have to have an invitation, so contact me if you are and I will send you an invite.  After you join, please feel free to follow me….

Happy Pinteresting!!



One comment on “Do You Pinterest?!?!?

  1. LOL!!! Oh the addictions of life…gotta love ’em. Pinterest is definitely one of mine too! I Too have made so many things I found on there. SO inspiring & fun!!!

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