Valentines Day is For Kids!

Valentines Day….I hate it as an adult, but loved it as a kid!  I could not wait to see what kind of Valentine box creation I could make with a shoe box, construction paper, crepe paper, those little paper doilies and glue!  Even as a kid, I loved creating things, and I think mine were always the most elaborate and creative.  No regular shoe box wrapped in red paper would do for me!

My kids were homeschooled so they never knew the joys of creating a Valentines box.  My youngest daughter just started public school a few years ago and they’ve never had Valentines party in school.  There are so many clever ideas out there for things to make with your kids, that I wanted to share with you.  I just wish I had a little one to make some of these with!

For those of you that don’t want to give candy, this craft is very cute and would work for boys or girls:

This looks very cute and easy:

I love, love, love this one: (thanks, Martha!)


I would SO make this one if I had a child that needed to take treats to school! (Thank you, Amy from  I love her blog!)


Now, if you want to make some decorations for Valentines day, I found some really easy and pretty decorations that you can make with your kids, or just by yourself!

I really want to make this, but I’m snowed in right now and don’t have any red felt on hand!  I would post the image, but it’s the whole instruction page!  Just follow the link and you will see how cute it is!

I just made these for our Valentines lunch where I work.  I am in charge of decorating over 20 tables with a $10 budget!!  Let me say, it’s quite a challenge, but I’ve done it every month!!   For the ones I made, I only used 5 layers of tissue.  I got the tissue at the Dollar Store.  It had some glitter on it, but I like how it kind of looks like dew on the petals!   The more layers you use, the more full your flower will be.  I love the look of the full ones, but I also love these reds one that I made with 5 layers.  I will add a little battery operated tea light to the center of each flower.  You can pick up a pack of the tea lights for a dollar at most Dollar Stores.  I think you get 4 to a pack.  They can also be made in different sizes.


I could see a whole mantel full of these with tea lights in them!  Wouldn’t that be pretty?  These would also be really pretty for Christmas decorations!   My daughter now wants some to make some to hang in her room…guess what we’ll be doing now?!?

Well, if your kids are taking treats to school on Tuesday, I hope you use one of these ideas….and I hope you have fun helping them create their special Valentines boxes!  Hmmmm…maybe I’ll go make one to set at my desk at work….lol!  Happy crafting!



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