One Great Idea

As many of you know, I’m a TV-holic.  I love watching TV.  It is my biggest vice, and largest addiction (next to Pinterest).  Lately I’ve been watching a TV show called “Shark Tank” which is produced by one of my all-time favorite producers, Mark Burnett.  Shark Tank is a show that gives normal people like you and me a chance to stand before 5 billionaires and pitch their great ideas, hoping one of them will invest in their idea.  I am totally mesmerized by this show.

I am amazed at the ideas some of these people come up with!  Tonight I watched an episode where a woman cut a hole in a towel, sewed some ribbon around the hole and called it a “Show No”.  She came up with the idea one day at the pool when she was holding a towel around her child so he could change out of his wet swim trunks!  She went before the “sharks” on the show, got a check for $75,000 and a partner in Lori Greiner, who has created over 350 products and holds 110 US patents.  A towel with a hole in the middle of it!!!  Seriously!?!??!

How many ideas have you come up with in your lifetime that you thought were stupid or silly?  I know I’ve come up with probably 350 to match Lori Greiner’s!  Now would all of them been successful?  Probably not, but who knows?!  20 years ago, when my oldest daughter was sick and kept spitting out her medicine, I thought of putting medicine in a sucker or lollipop form.  Guess what??  A few years ago, I saw them advertised on some website.  My idea was staring me in the face!

I am a very creative person.  If I can come up with an idea, I can usually create it (unless, of course, it involves anything that involves electricity or power tools).   I just need one great idea.  I believe that God gives us creative ideas.  I also think that sometimes we write them off because we are too lazy, or too afraid or too something that holds us back.  I want to be one of those people that has a great idea and makes it come to life!  I want to stand before Lori Greiner and have her want to back me and mentor me.  I want to swim in the Shark Tank and come out alive.  All I need is one great idea….



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