Are You “Hungry”???

If you watch TV, listen to the radio, read the newspaper, read People Magazine or have a teenage daughter around the age of 13-15, you most definitely have heard of a little phenomenon by the name of The Hunger Games.  This little book that was written in 2008 has become the biggest thing since Harry Potter or the Twilight series.

Now, the premise of the movie is simple:  24 children between the ages of 12 and 18 meet in an arena once a year to fight to the death, with one of them managing to stay alive and become the sole victor.  Sound disgusting?  Disturbing?  Yep!  So why would anyone, let alone teenage kids want to read the book or see the movie?  I will tell you….because it is an amazing story!

The book is so well written that it draws you in from page one.  It is so interesting and keeps your attention so well that you cannot put the dang book down!!  My daughter, Natalie wanted to read it, so I figured being the good mother that I am, I had to read it to make sure it was acceptable for her to read.  It was so good that I could not stop reading it, and Nat actually hid it from me so I couldn’t get too far ahead of her!!

Well the excitement of the release of the movie overtook us so we decided to have a Hunger Games party!   We invited a few of Nat’s friends for a little Hunger Games themed party and then go see the movie.  First thing…..send out invitations!  I found this fabulous set of Hunger Game Party printables from Krysten at ClickableParty over on  Krysten is fabulous to work with!  She personalizes the invitations with your information.  I found them just last Friday, and she very quickly customized them for me in just a few hours (in spite of being awake the whole night before with her sick son!)

Aren’t these wrap around labels darling!  These you customize yourself so you can print whatever you want.  I wish I had switched The Capital to the return address and District 12 to the invitee.  It just makes more sense to me.  We hand delivered the invitations because we needed to know who was coming so I could buy the tickets early.

Since I knew the majority of the book takes place in the outdoors in the arena, I wanted a bit of an outdoorsy theme.  I bought a green plastic table cover from Party City, and bought brown plates, cups and napkins.  Then I went to the Dollar Store and started looking for things to decorate with.  Score!

I found these little moss-covered “boulders”.

And this bag of rocks….(Yes, I could have gone outside my home and just picked up some rocks, but I’m just too lazy…)

I spread the moss, moss “boulders” and rocks down the center of the table.

I also found these cute little Chinese takeout boxes that I added a few stickers to, and filled with candy.  (I was going to put dried fruit and nuts in it, but figured the kids would rather have Razzles and Sour Patch candy!)

The stickers were part of the printables that I bought ClickableParty.  I just bought a pack of shipping labels and printed on those.

Next, I printed the water bottle labels off and added them to the bottles.   Pretty cute, huh?

This was how I laid out each place setting….I printed out the Panem district map from ClickableParty to use as a placemat.  I folded the napkin like that to resemble a cave that Katniss hides in.  I added the stickers to the cup (see below), and added a place card with each person’s name on it.

The banner that is included in the printable downloads.  I punched a hole in the top left and right of each card and then put them together with yarn.  I have two straight pins in the wall that I always keep up to hang banners on when we have parties.  Straight pins are fantastic to use because they don’t make large holes and they hold up to 20lbs if inserted at an angle!!  (It’s true!  I used to always hang my framed pictures using a straight pin until I found the 3M velcro hangers.  When you remove the pins, you just brush over the hole and no one will ever know it was there!  It’s an old designer trick/tip.)

Cupcakes were treated to a cupcake wrapper and a medallion with the mockingjay on it.

And the final touch to the party….

Silver parachutes to bring food to the Tributes….(you have to read the book to find out about the silver parachutes!)

I made little turkey and swiss sandwiches.  If I had been a little more creative, I would have used “pita” bread….(you will only understand the pun if you read the book or saw the story!  Lol…)

Two of my daughters in their homemade t-shirts.  We did Nat’s hair like Katniss’ hair during the opening ceremonies….here is a close up….

Turned out pretty cute, eh?!?!

And our very own Effie Trinket (once again, read the book!!)  Unfortunately, she had to take the makeup off right after this picture was taken because she started having an allergic reaction to it!!

All in all, it was a fun party and ended with a viewing of the movie.  The girls could not wait to see it, and I don’t think they were disappointed!  Later on this week, I will share how I made the silver parachutes!  That’s all for now, and remember..

Keep Calm and Change the Game!!  (READ THE BOOK!!)


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