How Could You Say No?

Today is Good Friday.  I’m not quite sure why it is called “Good” when it is actually a day of violence and death.  Many of you that know me personally, know that my faith is very real and very important to me. 

Today is remembered as the day Jesus Christ was convicted, beaten, scourged and crucified.  There is nothing pretty about it, but there is something beautiful about it.  Jesus Christ did not go through what He did because He was guilty of something.  He was actually falsely accused.  Pontius Pilate did not want to crucify Jesus, but Pontius did it because the people demanded it…basically, Pilate caved and gave into popular opinion!  But it was all part of the beautiful plan of God. 

Since God’s creations, Adam and Eve, had sinned in the Garden, man was separated from God and needed a Savior.  We needed a Savior to re-establish a right relationship with God.  Jesus was that Savior.  Jesus gave up His rightful throne at the right hand of God, to come to this earth, not as King, but as a baby.  A baby born to a young girl and her husband….a poor young woman and her husband.  God could have brought Jesus to this earth with a blaze of trumpets and fanfare, but He didn’t.  He came humbly, and without honor and riches.  Jesus knew what His life would come to.  He knew that He would be making the ultimate sacrifice.  He knew that He would be beaten and crucified for you and for me, and He did it, knowing that not everyone would accept the wondrous gift He was giving.  He did it because He loved us THAT much!  So many of us know John 3:16 by heart, but do you really KNOW John 3:16?  How many of us would give our lives for EVERYONE….even those who would spit on us, turn their backs on us, call us names and deny our existence?!? I don’t know about you, but I am pretty sure the list of people I would die for is pretty limited!   But the list of people that Jesus died for was endless!  It included me, and it included you.

Although Good Friday was the day Jesus was crucified, we look forward to Resurrection Sunday, or Easter as it is commonly called.  After Jesus was crucified, dead and buried, He did not stay in the grave!  He actually rose again on the third day!  After His death, He descended into the pit of Hell, defeated the devil and rose again!!  THAT is our victory!  Jesus is not dead!  He is ALIVE!  That is what I will be celebrating this weekend–the fact that I do not worship a dead god, but a God that is alive, a God that loves me enough to sacrifice His own Son and a God that brings me peace, joy, health, blessings, and LIFE!!!  

So, I leave you with this question…..How could you say “no” to THIS man?????



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