A Little Less of Monica in Your Life….

Diet….the four-letter word that I hate more than any other.  I think the word is very well put together.  I mean, the first 3 letters are die!  Yes, I am on a diet—again—and I feel like I’m gonna die!!!  Lol…

Every since I was a child I have been overweight.  Well, maybe not always (my nickname was Bone-zy up until 4th grade), but ever since about 4th grade when I got my tonsils out…something happened in that operating room that changed my world forever!!  After I got my tonsils out, I gained about 25 lbs and have always been about 25 lbs or more overweight.  Of course this didn’t bode well for me in high school because when I went to high school, it was “in” to be stick thin, and anyone over 100 lbs was considered fat.  Let’s just say I wasn’t elected Prom Queen!  Then, I had children!!!  You’d think with all the running around after a baby or two (or three!), you’d think a mommy would  be skinny!  Oh, not so!!  Not for me!  I gained weight during the pregnancy (not a whole lot–27 lbs with baby#1; 13 lbs with baby #2 and 17 lbs with baby #3!).  Oddly enough, I lost it all immediately following the delivery, but as soon as I quit nursing, every pound down to the ounce came back!!!  Ugh?!!?  How’d I get so lucky?!?

Anyway…I decided that I needed to do something about my weight before our vacation to Disneyworld in May.  I mean, seriously…do I want to be mistaken for Ursula from The Little Mermaid!??!  NO!!  I want to be mistaken for The Little Mermaid!!  Lol…..That will never happen because I don’t have red hair…lol.  I also wanted to ride the rides with my children without fear of the bars not being able to lock around my belly or the fear of some young Disney punk employee telling me “Lady, you are just too big to go on this ride.”  Can you imagine?!?!  Yes, I need to lose weight!

So, I am starting this journey of losing at least 50 lbs.  I can’t even fathom 50 lbs in my mind... for goodness sake, that is a small child!!  I have decided that I cannot look at 50 lbs…I have to look at 5 lbs at a time.  If I think about that number “50”, I will get frustrated and disappointed, and I will give up.  I know me…this isn’t my first rodeo….or diet.  I do know that I will not lose all 50 lbs by May 29th, unless of course, I’m willing to lose a leg or two….but if I could lose at least 20 lbs, I’d be thrilled!

To start down this road, I am using the Medifast plan.  I’m only using it because my mom bought the plan for herself and for some reason decided it wasn’t for her.   I am also using this program because my lovely friend, Gina, is a counselor for Medifast and I kept seeing her post images of her clients that were losing massive amounts of weight.  Gina is a gorgeous, thin, healthy, almost 50 year old woman that looks like she’s about 30!!  She donned a *gulp* bikini at the age of 48!!  (And she looked better than any Sports Illustrated model that I’ve ever seen!)  I don’t know if it’s going to be good or bad having someone that looks like THAT being my weight loss counselor!!  I don’t even know how it is possible that she is even more beautiful now than she was 24 years ago when we met!

With all this being said, I am on day 2. Yesterday, I was so hungry I could have eaten my arm off, but today was a little bit easier.  It is hard to eat something different than what you are cooking for your children, but I just keep telling myself I have to squeeze this body and whatever it weighs, into shorts in about 8 weeks!!   THAT is enough to keep me eating a variety of bars, shakes, soups and puddings! 

If you would like to, or need to lose a few pounds before Summer,  why don’t you join me and we can lose weight together!??   After all, you don’t want to be mistaken for Ursula, do you!?!??!  C’mon…join me..and hopefully you’ll be seeing a little less of Monica….and please….don’t judge me if you see me at Chipotle….


3 comments on “A Little Less of Monica in Your Life….

  1. You go, Monica!! Weight loss is a hard thing but you’ve got a great support system and a wonderful goal! Focus on the goal and the day to day, hour to hour things! I know for me, it’s helped to have a focus “board” with pictures of my goals. (Disneyland?) Plus you can’t be too hard on yourself if you do go to Chipotle or have a rough day. It’s o.k., we all have those days and your tenancity will take you to a new tomorrow! Hugs! -Melissa

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Melissa!! My daughter’s senior breakfast if goal 1 (I would like to have lost 10 lbs by then; goal 2 is her graduation (I would like to be down by 20 by then!) If I don’t reach my goals, I will still be happy with ANY weight loss!!

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