What I Learned This Week….

As you know, from my last post, I started a diet last week.  I am proud and happy to say that I have now lost a total of 9 lbs!!  While very excited about losing instead of gaining 9 lbs,  I keep waiting for the moment when I can no longer resist the bag of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups that are taunting me from my desk drawer!  Or waiting for the moment, when my will power drives me to make a little trip over to the nearest Chipotle for my all-time favorite meal…a Barbacoa Burrito Bowl.  I’m happy to report that in a little over a week, I’ve not even been tempted!  (Well, perhaps a little tempted by the scrumptious looking cake that was served at our monthly luncheon where I work!!  How dare they??   Did they not read my blog about me being on a diet?!!?)  Anyway….I’ve learned a few things this past week on this journey into darkness wellness:

1)  I CAN live a day without eating a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup….or a Hershey bar…or a Tootsie Roll…or bread…or pasta!

2)  I do not have to be ruled by food.  I decide when to eat(well, not really…I HAVE to eat every 2.5-3 hours), how much to eat (not really….each meal is carefully measured out.)  and what to eat (once again, not really, because I have to eat what the diet tells me to eat–I just get to choose which meal I am going to eat).  Well, eventually I will not be ruled by food!

3)  I do not have to stuff myself silly to get the nutrition I need to live.  I can eat a small meal and be satisfied, and yes, *gulp* feel full!

4)  I do not drink near as much water as I thought I did before I was forced to drink 92 oz of water daily!

5)  The walk to the bathroom where I work is approximately 90 steps and 3 doorways.  I consider this my exercise…the walking is the cardio and pushing the doors open is my resistance training.  I drink 92 oz of water every day…that is A LOT of trips to the restroom!!  It’s a good thing there is no carpet between me and the bathrooms, otherwise there would be a path carved in it.

6) I need to be more prepared.  On Saturday, I had to run some errands at the last minute and headed out the door without water and without a meal bar.  I was out for around 5 hours, so could not eat anything when my 2.5-3 hour limit was up.  By the time I got home, I was starving….and let me tell you…a bowl of Medifast Veggie Stew was not what I wanted!  It totally threw off my mojo….I lost track of how many meals I had eaten.  I lost track of when I was supposed to eat.   I was a complete mess!  Next time, I will throw a few meal bars in my purse for just such an emergency, and make sure to grab a bottle of water on my way out the door!

7)  I need new pants—NOW!!  Apparently 9 lbs is enough to drop me down into the next size of clothing.  I think  it’s mostly because the pants were a little big to begin with, but now they are just too big.  When I walked downstairs this morning to go to work, they literally starting falling off.  Which if you know me, would be quite a trick seeing as I have quite a booty and to be able to fall over my booty would mean they were REALLY too big!  I had to quickly find a belt to cinch those suckers off because it would just not be right to have my pants fall off at work…

8)  I am, right now, craving pizza.  My daughter just walked up to my desk (we both work at the same place) and announced she was stopping and getting pizza for her and her sisters for dinner…. I really want pizza.  Badly.   I asked her to please eat it and destroy the evidence by the time I get home.

9)  Maybe I’m not as strong as I thought…because I REALLY WANT PIZZA……


3 comments on “What I Learned This Week….

  1. Congrats on the accomplishment! I know it’s hard to share such a private journey. I too am on the same road. I hope in a week I can report the same success. Thank you for sharing.

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