I Am NOT a Blogger!

Please forgive me…I just discovered that I am not a good blogger!   I have been beating myself up for 9 months now for not posting consistently.  I started this blog almost a year ago in hopes that I could keep people entertained with my witty banter, my gorgeous imagery and my Martha Stewart-ish crafting abilities.  I so wanted to be the next Pioneer Woman or Jasmine Star (a photographer, for those of you who don’t know who she is).  I set goals for myself.  I set days and times for myself of when I would post.  I even wrote down a list of things I felt semi-knowledgeable about!  Alas…here we are, 11 months later,  and my poor blog has been as neglected as the boxes in my basement. 

I have looked through many blogs, searching for the answer to my dilemma—why can’t I just write a good, consistent blog?!   I even conversed with an old high school acquaintance that has a successful blog about what it takes to be a successful blogger, and I think I have finally found the answer. 

As I peruse the many blogs that I so adore reading, I realized that most of the bloggers that I enjoy so much have time to blog!   For a lot of them, it is their day job.  For a lot of them, they are stay at home moms. (Trust me….I know they are not just sitting back eating bon-bons with laptops on their laps, grinding out their daily blogs!  So, please no backlash from angry stay at home moms!  I know they work harder than most!)  At the same time, I realize that it is a set part of their week.  It’s like a part time job, if you will.  I finally realized that I don’t have time for another part time job!

As a single mom, who is solely supporting 3 kids (well, 2.5 as one of them does have a job and pays all of her own bills, but she still does live at home, so I provide food and shelter for her), I work a regular 40 hour a week job, plus have a photography business, plus an Etsy shop, plus I’m a Disney Vacation Specialist!   Add church, taking care of a home, helping with homework and carpooling to the list, and I just don’t have time to blog–pure and simple!  Now that I have come to this epiphany, can I just get permission to quit beating myself up about it?!?  I mean, the world is not going to stop spinning because I can’t write a few witty blogs once a week, is it?!?   Life as we know it is not going to change fundamentally if I can’t crank out a spectacular craft or recipe, will it?!?!

So, I won’t be making any promises that I will be posting once or twice a week…..heck, I’m not even going to promise once a month!  All that I can promise is that I will, on occasion, stop by to see how you all are doing, and share a little bit of Monica.  I might not be The Pioneer Woman or Jasmine Star (that’s her REAL name!  I wish I had an awesome name like that!), but I’m Monica—a hard-working, fun-loving, family-oriented mother of 3, and for now, it’s enough for me.


6 comments on “I Am NOT a Blogger!

  1. I love reading your blogs and trust me, I don’t mind that they are not every week as I would never have time to read them! I have enjoyed everything you have blogged about this year and look forward to whenever you have the chance, so stop beating yourself up and know that we are not expecting anything more than an occasional discourse. Love you!
    Gay E. Menditto

  2. You certainly have my permission, though you don’t need mine. I admire your grit, determination, and quality work in all that I see you do.

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