Moonlight & Mistletoe

Tonight, the Hallmark Channel begins showing Christmas movies–EECK!!  Can I say I’m just a tad bit excited?!?!   I LOVE Christmas movies….I ADORE Christmas movies.

However….I must say this is a little early to start showing Christmas movies, but where will I be this evening at 8pm MST?!?!?  Sitting on the sofa, in my jammies, watching Moonlight & Mistletoe of course!  Now, this is not one of my favorite Christmas movies, and I’m not sure that I would have scheduled this particular movie as opening night for the Hallmark Countdown to Christmas, but I’ll forgive them this time.   After all, it’s a CHRISTMAS MOVIE!!

This week I sat down to make out my annual Christmas Movie Viewing Schedule.  Did I mention that I LOVE Christmas movies!?!?   Every year, I open up an Excel Spreadsheet, and map out when each of the major “players” schedule their Christmas movies.  (The major players being Hallmark, Lifetime,  and ABC Family Channel)   I know there are other channels that show Christmas movies, but these are the major ones that show back-to-back Christmas movies for the most part.   Usually the channels don’t bring out the back-to-back scheduling until about the week before Thanksgiving, so this year, I got wind that they were starting early, so I had to get to work!  And work I did!!   I put together a spreadsheet for November and December of all the movies these channels have scheduled thus far.  I say “thus far” because Lifetime has not released their Christmas movie schedule for December yet!  (What are they waiting for?!?!!)  Once Lifetime releases their December schedule, I will add it to what I already have for the month and I will be done for 2012!!  Whew!!  It’s a lot of work, but I LOVE Christmas movies!

Moonlight & Mistletoe features Candace Cameron Bure….do you remember her?!!  Little DJ Tanner on Full House?!?  Well, she’s all grown up and she is gorgeous!!    It also features Tom Arnold of Roseanne Barr ex-husband fame!  I actually like him, but just never imagined Santa Claus being like Tom Arnold!  Sure the movie is cheesy, but that’s what makes it FUN!!   So, tonight when I get home from work, dinner will be made, jammies will be donned and I will plunk myself on the couch and begin my Christmas rituals a few weeks early!

If you are interested in receiving a copy of my Christmas Movie Schedule, please let me know in the comments below, and I will get one to you!


4 comments on “Moonlight & Mistletoe

  1. Sign me up for the movie list!! If I didn’t have a commitment tonight, my behind would be on my couch watching Moonlight and Mistletoe! I just love how you spread your Christmas cheer!! Thanks for all your work!

  2. I am definitely interested in receiving this awesome list that you so graciously have put together! Thanks for doing this! God bless you & the girls!

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