If Money Were No Problem…


Peter Pan and my fam!

If only I could work at Disney World…

A former high school classmate of mine has a great blog for grandparents (yes, I’m old enough that I could be a grandparent!) called Grandma’s Briefs , and the other day she wrote a post about the 5 job she would take even if they didn’t pay well.  Her post really got me to thinking—–what top 5 jobs would I take if money weren’t an issue?!?  Come to find out, she and I aren’t too far apart on jobs we’d work!

So, without further adieu, here are the Top 5 Jobs I would take, even if they didn’t pay much:

1)  Photography.  Yes, I admit, I already have this job, and it doesn’t pay that great (not when you count all the hours I spend editing,  learning new techniques, making appointments and marketing…..then add the cost of all the camera equipment, computers, software, lights, etc… No, the pay is not that great!)  I wish I could quit my day job (even as much as I love it) and just shoot pictures!    I would love to travel all over the world and take pictures.  So, yes, I’m cheating a bit….I already do this job.  I would love to work for National Geographic, or Conde Nast, or I would love to be the official White House photographer (just not during this term, though,thank you very much…)

2) Work for Disney.  Once again, I admit that I am a Disney Travel Agent, but I don’t really work for Disney.  I would love to work in one of their creative departments or be a photographer for Disney.  Disney does bring so much joy to everyone and it would be fun to be a part of that joy.      Can you imagine being that person that makes those Disney characters to life?  The ones that create a character–give them a hairstyle, eye color, clothing and personality?  What a job that would be!  Can you imagine how Ollie Johnston felt when he saw those characters come to life?  (He was the one that originally created the drawings of Cinderella, Snow White and few other Disney greats!)  Alas, I cannot draw even the most simple stick person, so while I would love to work in Disney’s creative department, they would not want me….even if I worked for free!

3)  A genealogist.  I love finding out about my family’s history!  NBC used to have a TV show called “Who Do You Think You Are?”  I loved that show!  It featured celebrities that found out their ancestry through ancestry.com .  It’s so interesting to me to find out what your heritage is and where you came from.  My mom is big into the whole ancestry thing.  She spends hours combing through our family tree, trying to find new leaves and branches.  I would love to help people find out where and who they come from.  My mom recently gave me some old pictures, dated way back to 1876–1876!  As I was looking through the images, I noticed that in one of the pictures of my great-great grandfather, he had a HUGE platform shoe on!  Who knew platforms were popular in 1876?!  Apparently he was wearing it because one of his legs was a lot shorter than the other.  My mom said that he was a school teacher and when the kids acted up, they would have to go up to the front of the classroom and sit on the shoe!  You just can’t make this stuff up!  This is history, and it’s my history… Maybe that’s why I have always gravitated to flats, and always hated platform shoes!  Lol…

4)  A Book Reviewer.  I adore reading!  If reading burned calories, I’d be one skinny broad!  I have always been a voracious reader.  When I was a kid, I visited the school library once a week.  Whether it was rolling across the prairie in a covered wagon with Laura Ingalls Wilder, or climbing the alps with Heidi, I loved reading and couldn’t get enough of it.  I don’t have as much time to read now as I used to, but with the advent of Nook and Kindle apps, I can access books when I’m sitting around waiting for an appointment, or just have a few minutes here or there.  As much as I love the Nook and Kindle though, there is still nothing better than holding a real book in your hands.  I love the smell of books, and I love the little whoosh sound the pages make when you turn them.  Yes, I know you can make your kindle “whoosh” but it’s just not the same!   I am a speed reader, and can read 1800 words per minute with 97% comprehension, so I can burn through a book like nobody’s business!

5)  Movie Reviewer.  I am a movie fanatic!  I worked in a movie theater for 7 years (from the age of 14-21).  I saw every movie that was released during that time(I actually watched Stars Wars a total of 112 times at the movie theater!  I think I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark about the same amount–LOVE those movies!).   Although I’m not a big fan of sci-fi (unless it’s the original Star Wars movies) or futuristic genres, I love most of the others and would love to be able to just sit back, relax, eat my popcorn and enjoy movie after movie after movie.   I’m also very honest, so feel I could give an honest critique…perhaps it would even be too honest!   Think about…being able to tell people you watch movies for a living….even if you really couldn’t make a living out of doing it.  (Come to think of it, I do believe Roger Ebert makes a living out of it!)

So, what about you?  What jobs would you do even if they didn’t pay well?

One comment on “If Money Were No Problem…

  1. I’m with you on #4 and #5. I could so do both those jobs!! I’d have to give thoughts to the other ones. I am fortunate though that selling real estate would probably be on the list. 🙂 I’d have to say teaching would be towards the top too (love kiddos!) and maybe vet or horse trainer (was in a past life and loved it-no money in it though!) Great food for thought, thanks for sharing!

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