If I Were Miley Cyrus’ Parent…

Unless you live in another universe, or a hole somewhere, I’m sure you’ve heard of the spectacle that Miley Cyrus recently made of herself on the VMA’s.  I did not witness the live performance, but when all the hubbub about it started, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  So, I did what every other human did that didn’t see it—I googled it!   My eyes will never be the same!  After watching just part of it, I felt like I had been dipped in a vat of filth!  I’ve never known what pornography looked like and I’ve never attended a strip club, but now I feel like I’ve seen both!  What was she thinking?!??!!? 

My thoughts immediately went to “What would I do, what would I feel if that was my daughter up there on stage?”  Many answers came swiftly, the first one being—Get up on that stage, grab her by the little knob on her head, drag her home and throw her in the basement! was my  first thought.   My second thought was I would be so embarrassed if that was my child…. 

How sad.  I never thought there would be anything my kids could do that would embarrass me to that level, but I’m pretty sure that would do it!  I wondered how her parents are going to deal with it.

I used to admire Billy Ray.  I would see him in interviews talking about his faith, and how he was raising his daughter to not let all the success go to her head.  Where did he go so terribly wrong?  I found the answer in an interview I saw of him recently.  In the interview he stated something along the lines of he wanted to be best friends with his kids. 

Come on, folks….I understand wanting to have a friendship with your kids.  I understand the need to be able to talk to your kids and have fun with them.  What I don’t understand is wanting to be best friends with your kids over being their parent!  It’s all good and fun to be able to share things with your kids—I know, I have 3 daughters and we have a great relationship, but one thing they know is that I can switch from friend to mother in the blink of an eye!

There’s a time and a place to be a friend to your child.  That time and place is not all the time.  Our children need our guidance, even when they are 20 years old!   Our kids also sometimes need our guidance when they are grown and married!  I still find myself seeking my mom for guidance about things and I’m almost 50 years old!! 

So, what would I do if Miley Cyrus was MY child?!?! 

1)  Talk to her.  Another recent interview with Billy Ray revealed that he hadn’t spoken to her in a while.  Well, it’s time to man up, put your big boy pants on and have a talk with your daughter, Billy Ray!   Questions need to be raised–What were you thinking?!   Why did you feel the need to perform like that?  What do you need that you obviously aren’t getting?!  Maybe she just needs her daddy to be her daddy….

2)  Pray for her.  I hope her parents are already doing that, but if they aren’t, I’d start now—heck I would have started the other night!   I would ask the Lord to send people down her path that would keep her from the road of destruction she’s on.  I would pray for friends that would be a friend to her and tell her what an idiotic thing it was that she did–a friend that would be REAL with her and not just be a “yes” friend.  I would pray that she would realize that what she did was not only distasteful but not the path she wants to be on.  I would pray that she sits down and takes a long, hard look at where her life is going.

3)  I would be her parent.  I would quit being her friend for the moment and be her parent.  God gave us a responsibility to raise our children.  We don’t just let them go because they are now over 18!   I would sit her little behind down and have a serious talk about the implications of what she’s doing.  I would tell her I love her and want what’s best for her and this ain’t it!  I would remind her that she also has siblings that look up to her and what are her actions telling them?  I would remind her that although I love her very much, I will not support that kind of lifestyle or actions.  Pure and simple.

Sometimes when our kids graduate from high school, go to college, get jobs, whatever, we forget that they are still our children and we are still their parents.  I know a lot of people that think that since they are now adults, that they no longer need our guidance.  That is so not true!  How many times do we see kids that go off to college or move away, and their lives go down the drain?!?!  A lot of it is because their parents dropped them off at college and quit parenting!   You don’t stop being a parent just because your child is now an adult. 

I feel sorry for the Cyrus family, but I hope it’s a wake up call for them….



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