1964…The Year of the Mustang…and Me.

The year was 1964.  Lyndon B. Johnson was President of the United States, following the assassination of John F. Kennedy just 6 weeks prior to the new year.  Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life in prison in South Africa.  America became fully involved in the Vietnam War with the stroke of a pen when Congress approves the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.

It’s been 50 years since The Beatles stepped foot on American soil, and changed music as we knew it.

It’s been 50 years since “Mary Poppins” made her “practically perfect” debut on the movie screen, Eliza Doolittle became a lady in My Fair Lady, and James Bond saved the world one more time in Goldfinger.

It’s been 50 years since Lucky Charms and Pop Tarts showed up on grocery store shelves, a doll named G.I. Joe was manufactured by Hasbro to give Barbie a run for her money, and Diet Pepsi was introduced to a new world of dieters.

50 years ago, Bewitched twitched her nose for the first time on TV, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer made his debut as one of the first Christmas specials, and Jeopardy! started it’s run as the “thinking man’s game”.

50 years ago, Rob Lowe, Sandra Bullock, Chef Bobby Flay and Sarah Palin were all born.

And 50 years ago, the first Mustang rolled off the Ford assembly line in Dearborn, MI.

Last night, in the still of the evening, a fire in the fireplace, my children all snug in their beds, there are so many thoughts running through my head.  You see, yesterday I turned 50.  Fifty!  The big 5-0.  Half a century!  All of these things, and many more, I have lived through.  I’ve seen music go from LP’s to 8-tracks to cassettes to CD’s and now to digital files.  I’ve seen TV’s go from weighing 50+ lbs to flat screens that weight less than 20 lbs.    I’ve seen computers go from the size of a building to one that fits in my pocket!  It’s pretty amazing what I’ve seen in my lifetime.

Your 50th birthday is a good time to reflect on your life.  You see, I’ve been anticipating….and dreading this day for a year now.  30 years ago, I had big dreams for my life.  I dreamed of a happy life, being a happy wife with a happy husband and happy children.  I dreamed of a beautiful home, yearly vacations to some exotic locations and giving my children the best I could give them.  Somewhere along the line, my dream shattered.  I didn’t have the happy marriage I dreamed of.  I didn’t have a happy husband, and I certainly was not a happy wife.  My children were sullen and withdrawn.  This was not the life I dreamed about!

Turning 50 made me look back at my life, and there were so many things I was not proud of….but there are so many more things I have to BE proud of.

I have 3 beautiful, awesome, Godly daughters.
They have not gone to the left or the right, but have stayed on course.
They have not felt the need to dabble with sex, drugs, alcohol, tattoos, weird piercings or anything else of this manner.
My children walk with God and there is nothing more that I could ever dream of for my children.

If NOTHING else, I could be wholly thankful for that!

I have so many wonderful friends–some old, some new, and some that have gone on to be with the Lord.
I am blessed with friends that love me unconditionally, and stand and support me when needed.

I have a wonderful job—I have 3 wonderful jobs!  When so many are out of work, I am blessed with work!  God has given me talents that I am only now discovering and who knows if I would have discovered them if I had not been pushed to discover them?

I have a beautiful home that I am proud to say I have been able to make mortgage payments on…by myself…. for the past 6 years! 

I am alive.
The other day, as I felt the depression of this birthday coming upon me, my wise daughters reminded me that I almost didn’t reach this milestone.  That my life was almost taken away last March.  They reminded me that I should be rejoicing that I get to celebrate this birthday.

God has given me 50 years….He could have taken me home on that evening in March when I was 10 minutes from death.  He must have so much more for me to do.

  This year, I will choose to live a life more worthy of Him.

I will choose to seek God and His will for this next chapter of my life.

I will ask the Lord for new dreams….dreams that He can make come true.

And I will choose to be thankful that I am now 50 years old….


3 comments on “1964…The Year of the Mustang…and Me.

  1. So fun to hear all that happened in that special year you were born! And in spite of some things not yet happening that you’d dreamed of, how awesome how He’s blessed you and for dreams ahead coming true :- )

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