Free Day at Disney World!

Day 5 –  Free Day!

On Day 5, we always have a free day.  We use this day to head back to any parks that we might have missed something at our first time through.  The only way you can actually do this is if you purchase the Hopper Option with your tickets.  This allows you to go to any or all the parks in a day.  You can basically “hop” from park to park in one day.

Since we had Fastpasses scheduled in the afternoon at Magic Kingdom, we decided to head over to Epcot first because my daughter wanted to ride Soarin’ and hadn’t been able to on our Epcot day.  We knew the key to riding Soarin’ without a FP and without waiting an hour or longer in line was to be there before Epcot opened, and run directly to the ride!  I did not even stop to put my camera in a locker!  We just followed the crowd right on over to Soarin’.  We were pretty lucky that this day was not a busy day at Epcot so we only had to wait about 5 minutes to ride it!  The last time I rode Soarin’, I did not have a good experience.  I don’t like heights and I don’t like rides where my feet dangle!  This ride had both!  I decided I’d try it again, and maybe this time I’d be able to keep my eyes open!  (Since it’s a movie, if you close your eyes, you don’t feel the sensation of flying so you don’t get sick.)  I made it almost the whole way through with my eyes open but must admit, I did have to close them occasionally!  After Soarin’, we headed over to Test Track for one more run there since this is one of our favorite rides.  The wait was a little longer than I would have liked (about half an hour), and my feet were killing me, which didn’t help!  But it was worth it for one more ride.  We headed to the World Showcase after Test Track to go through a couple of the countries that we missed the first day.  We also decided to try riding Maelstrom when we were in Norway.  While it’s not exactly a thrill ride, it was a cute little ride, but I probably won’t waste time riding it again.   For me, it’s one of those rides like The Haunted Mansion—I rode it once, but won’t do it again.

On this day, we decided to go to the Boulangerie Patisserie les Halles…the French bakery!!  Oh, my!  They had so many delicious things that we wanted to try so we just used all of our remaining snack credits ( 5 of them!) and bought 6 different goodies to share between the 4 of us.  Oh. My.  They were delicious!  We tried the quiche, an eclair,  biscuit chocolate(chocolate chip cookie), paun au chocolate, chocolate brioche and a chocolate tart! (Do you see a pattern here?!?!?  They were so rich and delicious, we could not even finish them!  I highly recommend making a stop at the Boulangerie and trying a pastry or two…or 6!  People will stare….I guarantee it!!  Lol…


It was about time for our first FastPass at Magic Kingdom, so we jumped on a Friendship and rode it back over to the entrance to the World Showcase—mostly because our feet were killing us and we didn’t want to walk!!  Since we were in a hurry, we asked a CM what would be the quickest way to get to Magic Kingdom.  Now, I thought that the only way to get to Magic Kingdom directly from Epcot was to get on the Monorail, but sometimes it can take forever because you have to go to the TTC (Ticket Transportation Center) and then switch over to the Magic Kingdom monorail.  When we went in 2005, we stood in this line for almost 2 hours in the beastly heat of the Florida day!!  I did not want a repeat of that but we’d have to go to a resort, then wait for a bus to Magic Kingdom!  If we did that, we’d probably miss our FP time.  The CM that we asked told us that there was a bus that went directly to MK, and it was the quickest way to get there.  I thought “Fabulous!!  They must have changed the bus system!”  We ran out of the park and got to the bus stop…no bus to Magic Kingdom!!  We had to turn around, go back through security and jump on the monorail!  Ugh!  I do have to say that sometimes the CM’s are not the most knowledgeable!  I don’t know if it’s because some of them are seasonal workers and just don’t have enough experience or what, but I wish they all had the same information!  Thankfully, the monorail trip was pretty quick, and it’s actually a lovely way to see a good part of the Disney property!  I do recommend you try riding on it at least once while you’re there.

First stop for the girls was Space Mountain.  While they did that, I thought I’d run over to Pirates of the Caribbean since I didn’t get to ride it the first time we were there.  There’s nothing that special about Pirates, but I just always feel like a visit to WDW is not complete without a ride on Pirates.  I walked over to Adventureland to get in line for Pirates, but after a few minutes I realized that my daughters also wanted to ride it, so figured I’d wait for them.  I just walked around Adventureland and took a few pictures while I waited for them to get done at Space Mountain.  We got in line and the wait was FOREVER!!!  The posted wait time was 20 minutes when we got in line, but I’m fairly certain it ended up being 45 minutes by the time we finally got to ride it!

Next up–FastPasses for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train again!  It was just as fun the second time although it’s much more fun to ride at night!  Next we decided to go back to our resort to swim and rest a bit because we were just so exhausted!  I think next time we go to WDW, I’m going to take my own advice and go back to the resort after lunch and go swimming and rest!  You don’t really get a lot of rides done between 1pm and 4pm, and it’s also the hottest and most crowded time of day in the parks!  It felt so good to our hot, tired bodies to just go sit in the swimming pool!  We went back to our room, showered and grabbed a bite to eat at the resort restaurant, then headed back to Magic Kingdom for our last time watch Wishes!!  Boo!

We got there just as the Main Street Electrical Parade was winding down, and it just so happened that we walked onto Main Street right behind the last float, so we just walked right behind it, right up Main Street… felt like we were in the parade!   By following it, we ended up right smack in front of the castle for Wishes!  I do have to say that being right in front of the hub, smack in front of the castle is NOT the best place to view Wishes!  You just can’t see the fireworks as well as you can further back.  Next time I go back, I will stay further back.  You just can’t see the full display of fireworks as you can see in my pictures.

After Wishes, we rode a few more rides–Big Thunder Mountain mostly, then we started heading back to Main Street to do a little last minute shopping.  On our way, I realized I still had not had  Disney Dole Whip!  Let me stop a moment to tell you about this glorious dessert called “Disney Dole Whip”.  It’s pineapple soft serve ice cream, and it’s heavenly!  Ask for a Dole Whip Float(the soft serve in fresh pineapple juice), and it’s really the nectar of the gods!!  If you find yourself at Magic Kingdom…you must stop in Adventureland and get a Disney Dole Whip!  You will know the place when you see the line that is longer than the line to see Elsa and Anna at a tiny building across from the Swiss Family Treehouse!  So worth the wait! favorite thing to eat at all of WDW!!  A Disney Dole Whip

Mmmm…my favorite thing to eat at all of WDW!! A Disney Dole Whip

We spent some time shopping, then slowly and sadly, made our way to the buses for one last trip back to our resort.  There is something so sad and depressing about walking out of Magic Kingdom for the last time.  I hate it!  My feet, on the other hand, breath a sigh of relief….

I leave you with a few parting images of Magic Kingdom…


Have a magical day!


All photos ©Monica Bryant Photography, 2014.  You may not copy, screen shot, download or print any of these images without express written permission from Monica Bryant Photography.

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